Friday, May 14, 2010

Mission Statement


Mission Statement: The Callaway Clergy shall glorify Jesus Christ by cooperating in service to the community and providing opportunities for fellowship among the clergy of all Christian traditions.

Ministries: The Callaway Clergy gives tangible witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ to others by:

  • Promoting the visible unity of the body of Christ in Callaway County by encouraging faith groups and opportunities for spiritual growth.
  • Providing pastoral care to our local Callaway Memorial Hospital.
  • Promoting Wiley House ministry to provide safe emergency lodging for travelers who find themselves temporarily stranded within our community overnight.
  • Promote Haven House ministry to provide temporary transitional housing for local families needing urgent temprary help with housing.
  • Providing Bible study leadership support at the community Senior Center.
  • Providing support and fellowship for those who serve as pastors and other leaders of Christian churches within Callaway County.
  • Plan and implement community Good Friday services.
  • Be available to local County and City officials and agencies to provide moracle, ethical, and spiritual advice and leadership. And to serve as speakers, prayer support, and provide invocations or benedictions to community programs as requested.
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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Callaway Community Hospital

Callaway Community Hospital:

In addition to hosting the Callaway Clergy meetings at noon on the third Thursday of each month, the Callaway Community Hospital provides comprehensive emergency care, surgical services, diagnostic care and preventive medicine. The dedicated medical staff at Callaway Community Hospital offer personalized, quality care with compassion, dignity and respect. The medical staff is committed to meeting the growing health care needs of the community. Click Here to see more about Callaway Community Hospital, or go to the web site at . You may also call the Callaway Community Hospital at (573) 642-3376.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Minister's Taxes

Minister's Taxes: Pastors, Chaplains, and Ministers should be certain their tax accountant is aware of IRS codes which cover deductions for housing allowances and other Religious Professional codes. To view, download, copy, or print off a copy of IRS publication 517 covering Members of the clergy and religious workers, Click on the link below, or copy and paste int your internet browser.
Keep in mind that many well know, and highly advbertised commercial tax preparing chains are not knowledgeable, experienced, nor trained to deal with the special provisions of Minister's taxes.

Calendar Events

Scheduled Events
Callaway Clergy

Thursday May 20, 2010
On the Third Thursday of May, Lisa Brown will be the guest speaker at the regularly scheduled meeting of the Callaway Clergy. Lisa Brown will give an update of current services and needs at SERVE. Lunch is graciously hosted by the Callaway Memorial Hospital on the third thursday of every month. Meetings start at 12:00 noon and are usually over by 1:30 pm. All pastors, ministers, and chaplains in Callaway County are invited.

Regular meetings on Thursdays 12:00 noon at Callaway Community Hospital
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